Analytics 3.4.5 #

  • Dec 23, 2016

Improved AnalyticsService::getElementUrlPath() is now taking the addTrailingSlashesToUrls setting into account

Analytics 3.4.4 #

  • Dec 09, 2016

Improved Improved the Google Analytics account block in the settings

Fixed Fixed a visual bug with Realtime widget’s progress bars

Analytics 3.4.3 #

  • Nov 17, 2016

Added Added Analytics_CacheService::delete() method

Fixed Fixed a bug that prevented the account explorer to load properly in the plugin's settings

Improved Schema 1.0.2

Analytics 3.4.2 #

  • Nov 16, 2016

Improved Removed an unused variable in AnalyticsTrait.php

Fixed Fixed a bug which prevented the Google_Utils_UriTemplate from loading properly

Analytics 3.4.1 #

  • Nov 11, 2016

Fixed Updated google/apiclient to 2.1.0

Analytics 3.4.0 #

  • Nov 08, 2016

Added This update requires a reconnect to Google Analytics since the OAuth scope has changed


Added Added a Google Analytics account explorer to select views with ease

Added Added a plugin description

Added Added required OAuth scope:

Added Report widget settings now remember the selected dimensions & metrics when changing the chart type


Improved Improved formatting of API responses

Improved Improved the order of dimension & metric select options in Analytics_MetadataService

Improved Refactored API, reports & charts

Improved Updated google/apiclient dependency to 2.0.1

Fixed Fixed a z-index bug where the widget was positioned behind the Craft's edition logo

Fixed Fixed a bug where Analytics.ReportWidget's spinner was not getting hidden properly after data has been requested

Fixed Fixed a bug where cached ID was different when getting and setting a report from the cache

Fixed Fixed a bug where missing dependencies couldn't be retrieved during the installation process

Fixed Fixed a bug where report field would not load data from cache

Fixed Fixed a bug where table reports were causing Safari Mobile to get stuck

Analytics 3.3.0 #

  • Jun 24, 2016

Added Added a filters config which defines global filters applied to every request to the Core Reporting API

Fixed Fixed a bug where the Dashboard's grid was not being refreshed when the height of the Report widget changed

Improved Prevented UID from appearing twice in the Settings when the plugin is being used with OAuth 2.0


Added Now using selectize for Report widget's metric and dimensions fields

Added Report widget titles are now showing the period

Improved Only one realtime widget can be defined at a time

Fixed Fixed a scrolling bug when a Reports widget has its settings open


Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getReleaseFeedUrl()

Added Added nonInteractionHit item attribute alias to asNonInteractionHit in AnalyticsTracking::_fillItem()

Improved Improved installation proccess

Improved Refactored Analytics_ReportsController::actionGetRealtimeReport()

Improved Renamed Data Sources to Reports

Improved Splitted Analytics.Chart into Analytics.charts.Area, Analytics.charts.Counter, Analytics.charts.Pie, Analytics.charts.Table, Analytics.charts.Geo


Improved Requiring AnalyticsTracking class manually

Improved Improved the way Racecore\GATracking\GATracking is initialized in AnalyticsTracking


Added Added Analytics_MetaController

Added Added Analytics_MetaService::getMetadataFilePath()

Added Added Analytics_MetaService::metadataFileExists()

Improved Improved Analytics_MetaService::getDimensions() so that it doesn't try to load again data it already has

Improved Improved Analytics_MetaService::getGroups() so that it doesn't try to load again data it already has

Improved Improved Analytics_MetaService::getMetrics() so that it doesn't try to load again data it already has

Improved Meta templates

Improved Metadata is now loaded from dimensions-metrics.json instead of making a call to Google API

Improved Renamed Analytics_MetaService to Analytics_MetadataService

Analytics 3.2.142 #

  • Jan 13, 2016

Added AnalyticsPlugin::getDocumentationUrl()

Improved AnalyticsService::getRealtimeRefreshInterval()

Improved Moved Analytics_PluginService::requireDependencies() to AnalyticsService::requireDependencies()

Improved Moved requireDependencies() and checkRequirements() to Analytics_PluginService

Improved Removed Analytics_PluginController

Improved Removed AnalyticsHelper::log()

Improved google/apiclient 1.1.6

Improved ins0/google-measurement-php-client 2.0.1

Fixed Fixed bugs with fr_ca and nl translations

Analytics 3.2.141 #

  • Dec 31, 2015

Improved Brought enableWidget config back as enableWidgets which has effect on both Realtime and Report Analytics' widgets

Improved Fixed a parsing bug caused by the use of strtolower(), replaced with StringHelper::toLowerCase()

Improved Fixed an RTL issue where the settings icon was placed on the right instead of left

Improved Fixed a bug where Analytics Report widget settings were not initialized properly

Analytics 3.2.140 #

  • Dec 14, 2015

Added Added missing translations

Improved Analytics is now using its own log files instead of Craft's

Improved Improved installation process

Improved Improved requirement checks for field types and widgets

Improved Now checking if token exists in AnalyticsService::checkRequirements()

Improved Removed auto download/install of dependencies

Improved Removed deprecated templates

Fixed Fixed an issue where Analytics was trying to use the GA API even though it's not configured

Analytics 3.2.139 #

  • Nov 24, 2015


Added Added support for OAuth 1.0+

Added Added support for Craft CMS 2.5

Added Added plugin icons

Improved Renamed accounts uid to id

Improved Removed Analytics_ReportWidget colspan widget setting

Added Added webPropertyId plugin setting

Added Added accountId plugin setting

Added Added internalWebPropertyId plugin setting


Added Added Realtime widget

Added Added icons for Realtime and Stats widgets

Improved Improved widget behavior when no GA profile selected

Improved Renamed Analytics_ExplorerWidget to Analytics_ReportWidget

Improved Widget settings are not dynamic anymore (in order to be compatible with Craft 2.5)

Added Added Analytics_ReportWidget realtime setting

Added Added Analytics_ReportWidget options setting

Improved Removed Analytics_ReportWidget menu setting

Improved Removed Analytics_ReportWidget dimension setting

Improved Removed Analytics_ReportWidget metric setting

Improved Removed Analytics_ReportWidget pinned setting

Improved Removed Analytics_ReportWidget colspan setting

Improved Removed Analytics_ReportWidget::getColspan()


Added Added AnalyticsVariable::track()

Improved Removed AnalyticsVariable::getProfile()

Improved Removed AnalyticsVariable::getToken()

Improved Removed AnalyticsVariable::getWebProperty()

Improved Removed AnalyticsVariable::isConfigured()


Added Added Analytics_ApiService

Added Added Analytics_CacheService

Added Added Analytics_MetaService

Added Added Analytics_OauthService

Added Added AnalyticsService::getDataSource()

Added Added AnalyticsService::getProfileId()

Added Added AnalyticsService::getRealtimeRefreshInterval()

Added Added AnalyticsService::track()

Improved Moved deleteToken() to Analytics_OauthService

Improved Moved getContinentCode() to Analytics_MetaService

Improved Moved getDimMet() to Analytics_MetaService

Improved Moved getPropertiesOpts() to AnalyticsController

Improved Moved getSubContinentCode() to Analytics_MetaService

Improved Moved getToken() to Analytics_OauthService

Improved Moved getWebProperty() to Analytics_ApiService

Improved Moved saveToken() to Analytics_OauthService

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::getBrowserData()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::getBrowserSections()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::getBrowserSelect()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::getLanguage()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::getProfile()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::getSetting()


Added Added Analytics_OauthController

Improved Renamed Analytics_ExplorerController to Analytics_ReportsController

Improved Moved AnalyticsController::actionConnect() to Analytics_OauthController::actionConnect()

Improved Moved AnalyticsController::actionDisconnect() to Analytics_OauthController::actionDisconnect()

Analytics 3.1.133 #

  • May 27, 2015

Added All API requests are now based on Analytics_RequestCriteriaModel. Templating code has slightly changed and requires you to update your code.

Added Cache can now be enabled or disabled from templates by setting enableCache request criteria attribute to true

Added Added Analytics_RequestCriteriaModel

Added Added AnalyticsChartOptions to AnalyticsUtils.js

Added Added AnalyticsHelper

Added Added AnalyticsService::apiGetGAData()

Added Added AnalyticsService::apiGetGADataRealtime()

Added Added AnalyticsService::getData()

Added Added AnalyticsService::request()

Added Added AnalyticsService::sendRequest()

Added Added AnalyticsUtils.responseToDataTable() JS method

Added Added ga:users and ga:yearMonth keys to dismets.json

Improved Action buttons are now only shown when the widget is hovered

Improved Analytics Console now has its own controller (Analytics_ConsoleController)

Improved Moved Analytics_ExplorerController::actionSaveWidgetState() to AnalyticsController::actionSaveWidgetState()

Improved Moved AnalyticsService::formatCell() to AnalyticsHelper::formatCell()

Improved Moved AnalyticsService::formatRawValue() to AnalyticsHelper::formatRawValue()

Improved Moved AnalyticsService::formatTime() to AnalyticsHelper::formatTime()

Improved Moved AnalyticsService::formatValue() to AnalyticsHelper::formatValue()

Improved Moved AnalyticsService::isConfigured() to AnalyticsPlugin::isConfigured()

Improved Now using AnalyticsPlugin::getSettingsUrl() instead of getSettingsHtml()'s redirect for specifying plugin's settings URL

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::api()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::apiGet()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::apiRealtimeGet()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::isInstalled()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::localizeColumns()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::parseApiResponse()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::parseRealTimeApiResponse()

Improved Removed AnalyticsService::parseRows()

Improved Improved API data localization

Improved Improved number formatting

Improved Removed disableSave.css

Improved Removed Tracking feature

Fixed Fixed a bug where Explorer's Geo controller was not filtering unset/unprovided GA values

Fixed Fixed a bug where the provider variable was not properly set in settings' controller

Fixed Fixed a bug where the plugin was using craft()->fileCache instead of craft()->cache

Analytics 3.0.126 #

  • May 10, 2015

Improved Plugin now requires OAuth 0.9.70+

Improved Logging error when unable to get an account

Improved Improved settings error handling

Improved Updated Google Analytics scopes

Improved Settings templates are now using a layout

Analytics 3.0.93 #

  • Mar 28, 2015

Improved Requires OAuth 0.9.64

Analytics 3.0.92 #

  • Mar 18, 2015

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getRequiredPlugins()

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getPluginDependencies()

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getPluginDependency()

Added Added AnalyticsService::deleteToken()

Added Added dependency checker to check dependencies with other plugins

Improved The plugin now requires OAuth 0.9.63 or above

Improved Improved the way a token is deleted: deleting the token instead of setting it to null

Improved Improved AnalyticsService::saveToken()

Improved Removed transfer token migration

Improved Improved the way Analytics is getting back to the page which initiated the connect action

Improved Token providerHandle and pluginHandle are now automatically populated in token response

Fixed Fixed a bug where getProfile() method was throwing an exception when used in templates

Fixed Fixed a bug where table width was not at 100%

Analytics 3.0.90 #

  • Jan 06, 2015

Added Added dimsmets.json

Improved Renamed browser.json to browserSections.json

Improved Removed dimensions.json and metrics.json

Improved Dimensions and metrics are now falling back on english instead of their key when there is no translation for the selected language.

Improved The web property will only be cached if not null or false

Fixed Fixed a bug where dimension and metric fields where properly aligned for RTL languages

Fixed Fixed a bug where table column headings were showing dimension/metric keys instead of labels

Fixed Fixed a bug where Analytics field type was showing metric key instead of metric label

Fixed Fixed a bug where Open in Google Analytics button was not working because the provided profile ID was wrong

Analytics 3.0.89 #

  • Dec 05, 2014

Fixed Fixed a bug where Google Visualization loader was returning a blank screen when AnalyticsField was being used in ElementEditor modals

Fixed Fixed a bug where pagination arrows where reversed for rtl languages

Fixed Fixed a bug where widget was crashing when there was an error getting Google Analytics' web property

Analytics 3.0.88 #

  • Nov 04, 2014

Added Added french translation

Improved Improved RTL Languages support

Improved Improved english translation

Improved Replaced ga:pageviewsPerVisit by ga:pageviewsPerSession

Improved Improved i18n

Fixed Fixed a bug where widget charts were always being formatted in english instead of the current selected locale

Fixed Fixed a responsiveness bug with widget toolbar

Fixed Fixed i18n typo

Analytics 3.0.84 #

  • Oct 28, 2014

Fixed Fixed a bug where Google visualization was not loading if ssl was enabled

Analytics 3.0.83 #

  • Oct 27, 2014

Added Brand new Analytics widget for exploring Google Analytics statistics

Added Added analyticsCacheDuration config variable

Added Added disableAnalytics config variable to turn off Analytics

Added Added the ability to open Google Analytics

Improved Improved charts date formatting

Improved Improved charts number formatting

Improved Improved charts localization

Improved Improved styles for small screens

Improved disableCache config variable has been replaced by disableAnalyticsCache

Improved Improved JS error handling and Google Visualisation load

Improved Removed craft()->analytics->getMetricOpts()

Improved Changed AnalyticsService::secondsMinute() to AnalyticsService::formatTime()

Fixed Fixed a bug where getWebProperty() would crash if not connected to Google Analytics

Fixed Fixed a bug with cache duration

Analytics 2.1.78 #

  • Sep 23, 2014

Added Added

Added Added AnalyticsService::track()

Added Added AnalyticsTracking class

Added Added ins0/google-measurement-php-client

Added Added tracking example templates

Analytics 2.0.77 #

  • Jun 26, 2014

Added Added craft()->analytics->getElementUrlPath($elementId, $locale)

Added Added support for new OAuth authentication logic

Improved Removed "Enable Custom Report Widget" plugin setting

Fixed Fixed another bug with entry tracking and locales

Analytics 2.0.66 #

  • May 19, 2014

Fixed Fixed a bug where Analytics Report Field Type was not taking into account element locale

Analytics 2.0.65 #

  • May 13, 2014

Added Added Custom Report widget with support for Area, Column, Pie charts and tables

Added Added Analytics Report Field Type for displaying entry statistics

Added Added Analytics public API for requesting Analytics API from templates

Added Added example templates of Analytics API requests

Added Added disableCache config variable

Improved Improved Dashboard page loading speed by reducing the number of calls per report

Improved Removed Goals widget. The same can now be achieved with the custom report widget.

Improved Removed unused templates

Improved Now using Guzzle instead of simplexmlloadfile in Analytics_PluginService

Improved Removed dependencies with symfony/finder, symfony/filesystem and vipsoft/unzip

Improved Google libraries are now loaded as a composer dependency

Fixed Fixed CSS & JS bugs

Fixed Fixed a bug where widget was bugging if the API was returning empty report data

Analytics 1.0.61 #

  • Apr 03, 2014

Added Added Conversions widget

Added Added the ability to change the name of a widget

Added Added widget custom columns support

Improved Improved compatibility with Craft 2.0

Improved Improved loading performance with Ajax request queuing

Fixed Fixed a problem where the progress bar was bugging when new or returning value was 100%

Fixed Fixed a bug where table td numbers were aligned to the left instead of right

Analytics 1.0.60 #

  • Feb 27, 2014

Added Added Counts widget

Added Added Area chart

Added Added Pie chart

Added Added Spark chart based on Line chart

Added Added French translation

Added Added Dutch translation (Thanks Bob!)

Added Added charts Twig macros used in Analytics widgets

Added Calls to Google Analytics API are now being cached 30min (excepted for Real-Time)

Added Added "analyticsCacheExpiry" config variable support for custom cache expiry

Improved Visits reports now using area chart instead of bar chart

Improved Improved internationalization support

Improved Improved and cleaned up LESS/CSS files

Improved Improved error handling

Improved Improved charts loading

Analytics 1.0.59 #

  • Feb 04, 2014

Improved Improved internationalization support

Analytics 1.0.58 #

  • Jan 02, 2014

Improved Improved Analytics widget tabs

Analytics 1.0.57 #

  • Dec 20, 2013

Fixed Fixed a bug with error handing in Analytics_ChartsController that was getting the widget stuck on loading

Analytics 1.0.56 #

  • Dec 11, 2013

Added Added "Sources" and "Countries" tabs to real-time widget

Added Added "City" tab to geo widget

Added Added "More Data" link to widgets in order to display full data

Improved Preventing getSettingsHtml() from being called if on settings/plugins listing page

Improved AnalyticsService::isInstalled() now checks for a token instead of the account

Improved Improved OAuth token support

Improved Improved error handling

Improved Improved support for charts loading spinner

Analytics 1.0.55 #

  • Nov 28, 2013

Added Added a spinner when a real-time request is made

Improved ProfileId and webProperty cache values are now deleted in order to be refreshed, when settings are saved

Improved Improved error handing with Analytics API and Analytics Real-Time APIs

Improved Improved AnalyticsService::getProfile() error handling

Improved Replaced — by ••• for initial active visitor count

Fixed Fixed a bug where real-time widget would launch even if Analytics was not configured

Fixed Fixed a bug where AnalyticsService::getProfile() was crashing when $webProperty[‘accountId’] was not defined

Analytics 1.0.52 #

  • Nov 20, 2013

Added Added Real-Time widget with active visitors and content reports

Improved Updated Google API PHP Client to 0.6.7

Improved Moved all Analytics plugin widget to a single customizable one

Improved Improved i18n support

Improved Reorganized resources

Fixed Replaced templates with .twig extension to .html

Analytics 0.9.48 #

  • Oct 30, 2013

Fixed Fixed a bug where Analytics was making dashboard & settings crash when not configured

Analytics 0.9.47 #

  • Oct 29, 2013

Added Added Acquisition Widget : Sources, Keywords, Networks

Added Added Geo Widget : Language, Location

Added Added Mobile Widget : Is Mobile, Mobile Device

Added Added Pages Widget : All pages, landing and exit.

Added Added Technology Widget : Browser, OS, Resolution

Added Added Visits Widget : Per Week, Month and Year visit statistics.

Improved Improved overall speed and performance

Improved OAuth download & install

Improved Move settings to Craft / Settings / Analytics

Improved Removed OAuth / Analytics auto-updating features

Improved Removed CP section

Improved Removed Code and Event Tracking features

Fixed Handling the situation where profile website url is not defined

Analytics 0.9.42 #

  • Sep 10, 2013

Improved Improved support for OAuth (0.9.23) plugin

Improved Improved updates check, download and install

Analytics 0.9.36 #

  • Jul 16, 2013

Added Added Activity widget

Added Added zerofill method for easier version sorting and comparison

Improved Improved API settings instructions

Improved Admin CSS tweaks

Analytics 0.9.35 #

  • Jul 02, 2013

Added Added Log Messages

Improved craft()->analytics_plugin->getLastVersion simplified

Improved Improved README

Fixed Fixed bug with auto-update version compare

Fixed Fixed bug with HTTP_REFERER

Analytics 0.9.32 #

  • Jul 01, 2013

Fixed Fixed bug with OAuth authentication

Analytics 0.9.31 #

  • Jun 30, 2013

Added Added OAuth plugin support

Added Added ability to the plugin to auto-update itselft

Added Added chart statistics of the last 30 days