# Twig Filters

On top of the template filters that Twig comes with, Twitter plugin provides a few of its own.

# autoLinkTweet

Turns mentions, hashtags and urls contained in a text of a tweet into links.

{{ tweet.text|autoLinkTweet }}

Customize auto-linking with options:

{{ tweet.text|autoLinkTweet({
    cashtagClass: "twitter-cashtag",
    external: false,
    hashtagClass: "twitter-hashtag",
    listClass: "twitter-list",
    noFollow: false,
    noOpener: false,
    target: "_blank"
    urlClass: "twitter-url",
    usernameClass: "twitter-username",
}) }}

# Arguments

  • options – An array of options. The available options are:
    • cashtagClass
    • external
    • hashtagClass
    • listClass
    • noFollow
    • noOpener
    • target
    • urlClass
    • usernameClass