# Connect to Vimeo

# 1. Configure Vimeo OAuth

Go to CP → Settings → Videos → Vimeo → OAuth and copy the Web Origin and Redirect URL values.

# 2. Create a Vimeo App

Create a new Vimeo App in Vimeo Developer (opens new window), with the following settings:

  • App URL: Web origin value from step #1
  • App callback URLs: Redirect URL value from step #1

# 3. Client ID & Secret

The Vimeo Developer will provide you with a client ID and client secret for your application.

Copy the values, paste them in CP → Settings → Videos → Vimeo → OAuth, and save.

# 4. Connect to Vimeo

Once everything is setup, go to CP → Settings → Videos → Vimeo and connect to Vimeo.