Social Login 1.2.4 #

  • Jan 13, 2017

Added Added SocialTrait

Added Added Social_InstallController

Added Added docsUrl to settings pages

Improved Improved installation process

Improved Checking plugin requirements from Social_ProviderModel::getOauthProvider() and Social_LoginAccountModel::getOauthProvider()

Improved Removed Social_PluginController

Improved Removed Social_PluginService

Social Login 1.2.3 #

  • Nov 08, 2016

Improved The plugin now requires OAuth 2.0.2

Improved Removed bio from profile variables

Improved Removed bio from API requested profile fields

Improved The plugin is now using Facebook API v2.8

Social Login 1.2.2 #

  • Sep 02, 2016

Improved Removed references to the old userContentMapping config for Auto-Fill Profile instructions in the settings

Improved Improved exception handling for SocialController::actionLogin()

Improved Improved namespaces for SocialUserIdentity

Improved Removed SocialController::_connect()

Improved SocialController’s private methods and properties have been refactored

Social Login 1.2.1 #

  • Jun 17, 2016

Improved The account attributes array is now passed by reference to the social_loginAccounts.onBeforeRegister to actually give other plugins a chance to modify it

Social Login 1.2.0 #

  • Jun 08, 2016

Added Added a lockDomains config to lock social registration based on domain names

Fixed Fixed a bug where the Google::getProfile() was returning an empty photoUrl attribute

Social Login 1.1.0 #

  • Jun 03, 2016


Added Added SocialPlugin::getDescription()

Improved Changed user mapping format

Improved Login Accounts are now elemental

Improved Moved settings from CP section to plugin settings

Improved Moved Show CP Section setting from config file to the settings in the CP

Improved Social plugin requires OAuth 2.0+


Added Added addLoginAccountActions hook to allow plugins to add Social_LoginAccount element actions

Added Added getLoginAccountTableAttributeHtml hook to allow plugins to customize table cells in the Social_LoginAccount element index

Added Added ISocial_Provider interface

Added Added logging of errors when a user couldn’t be created

Added Facebook now supports locationId and locationName fields

Fixed Fixed breadcrumbs and links in Edit Login Provider template

Fixed Fixed bug when trying to delete login accounts by user ID

Fixed Fixed bug with passing in a model into the userContent templates instead of an array of variables

Fixed Fixed photoUrl, isDefaultPicture and coverPhotoUrl for Facebook login provider

Improved Fill username and email even if autoFillProfile is set to false

Improved Improved login error handling for login with a not configured provider

Improved Logging template errors while mapping attributes as warnings instead of errors now

Improved Removed legacy code that queried for the freshly saved user again

Improved Removed tokenId attribute from Social_LoginAccount models and records

Improved Renamed profileFieldsMapping by userContentMapping

Improved Renamed getAccount() to getProfile() for login providers. Each provider is now responsible for providing a profile.

Improved Renamed getRemoteAccount() to getRemoteProfile() for login providers

Improved Requiring BaseProvider earlier as other plugins might need to use it before getSocialLoginProviders() gets called for Social plugin

Improved Requiring ISocial_Provider and BaseProvider from SocialPlugin::init()

Improved Switched to using setContentFromPost() to give field types a chance to prepare the values

Added Added log error when the plugin is not able to render profile attributes based on profile fields mapping

Added Added login accounts

Added Added release feed for plugin updates

Added Social plugin is now showing as a CP section

Fixed Fixed bugs occuring when OAuth plugin is missing

Fixed Fixed crumbs

Fixed Fixed install bugs when dependencies are missing

Improved Improved styles when no login accounts are found

Improved Loading classes manually instead of using composer auto loading

Improved Now getting user account attributes as an array in SocialController::_login()

Added Added LoginProviders\BaseProvider::getAccount()

Fixed Fixed a bug where the plugin was using userFieldsMapping config variable instead profileFieldsMapping

Fixed Fixed BaseProvider::getOauthProvider()

Improved Improved registration and login success messages

Improved Now using socialLoginProvider instead of oauthProvider in SocialController

Improved Removed $_error and $_notice properties

Improved Removed SocialVariable::getError()

Improved Removed SocialVariable::getNotice()

Improved Removed Social_LoginAccountModel's unused photo attribute

Added Added showCpSection config to show/hide Social Login CP section

Added Added Social_LoginAccountsService::getLoginAccountsByUserId()

Added Added SocialPlugin::getDocumentationUrl()

Added Added the ability to delete a login account from the CP

Improved Improved Social_LoginAccountsService::deleteLoginAccountById() to remove token related to login account

Improved Improved SocialController, TokenIdentity and Social_UserSessionService to take user status into account before logging in

Improved Improved SocialUserIdentity

Improved Improved i18n

Improved Improved login account editing

Improved Renamed TokenIdentity to SocialUserIdentity

Improved User field won't get filled if there is a template rendering error


Improved Schema 1.0.1

Improved Renamed providers to login providers

Improved Renamed social accounts to social login accounts

Improved Removed unused provider icons

Improved Social plugin now has its own log files

Improved Added a direct link to OAuth provider settings in social login providers' index and edit screens

Improved Added the ability to enable/disable a login provider from the control panel


Improved Renamed SocialVariable::getUnlinkAccountUrl() to SocialVariable::getLoginAccountDisconnectUrl()

Improved Renamed SocialVariable::getLinkAccountUrl() method to SocialVariable::getLoginAccountConnectUrl()

Improved Renamed SocialVariable::getAccountByLoginProvider() by SocialVariable::getLoginAccountByLoginProvider()


Improved Renamed SocialService::getUnlinkAccountUrl() to SocialService:: getLoginAccountDisconnectUrl()

Improved Renamed SocialService::getLinkAccountUrl() to SocialService::getLoginAccountConnectUrl()

Improved Renamed Social_LoginAccountsService::getAccountByLoginProvider() by Social_LoginAccountsService::getLoginAccountByLoginProvider()

Improved Social_LoginProvidersService::_getLoginProviders() now checks if login provider is enabled instead of checking if oauth provider is configured


Improved Renamed SocialController::actionLink() to SocialController::actionConnectLoginAccount()

Bug Fixes

Fixed Fixed userFieldsMapping - array not object

Fixed Fixed userMapping and userFieldsMapping - if attributes provided didn't exist in profile would fail login silently

Fixed Fixed bug in Social_LoginAccountsService::getAccountByLoginProvider(), would throw error if user not logged in

Fixed Fixed missing Facebook scope


Added Added SocialPlugin::getSchemaVersion()

Added Added defaultuser.svg

Fixed Fixed a bug where Social_ProviderModel was not returning providers which were not configured

Improved Improved providers' scope and authorizationOptions

Improved Improved social registration

Improved Improved userMapping, userFieldsMapping

Improved Removed social_users

Improved Removed requireEmail, completeRegistration, forcePrompt features

Improved Removed SocialAccountsService::fillAttributes()


Improved enableSocialLogin is now checked earlier (in SocialController::_connect())

Improved Checking that userMapping and userFieldsMapping are arrays before using them

Fixed Fixed userFieldsMapping example

Improved User username and email are automatically filled even if no userMapping found

Improved Renamed allowSocialLogin by enableSocialLogin and allowSocialRegistration by enableSocialRegistration. enableSocialLogin now only applies when trying to connect to an existing account.


Added Added Accounts tabs in Social Login settings

Added Added an enableAccounts option to enable Accounts tab in Social Login settings

Improved Improved plugin settings


Improved Improved accounts index

Improved Improved account view


Improved Google doesn't need offline access anymore as we consider a token can expire.

Added Social Login pre-release

Added Added CSRF support

Improved Removed Facebook::username social provider attribute (not supported by Facebook)

Fixed Fixed a bug where account attributes were returned as an object instead of an array

Fixed Fixed OAuth Settings URL in templates

Added Added allowEmailMatch social config setting

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getPluginDependencies()

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getPluginDependency()

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getRequiredPlugins()

Added Added create social user table migration

Added Added dependency checker to check dependencies with other plugins

Added Added onBeforeRegister event

Improved The plugin now requires OAuth 0.9.63 or above

Improved Allowed anonymous calls for login and completeRegistration actions only

Improved Cleaned up session variables

Improved Improved complete registration proccess

Improved Improved error handling

Improved Improved re-prompt for refresh token

Improved Improved SocialController is not in charge of auto-loading oauth libraries anymore

Improved Improved the way Social plugin is getting back to the page which initiated the connect action

Improved Improved the way token are saved

Improved Now showing provider's name instead of its handle in users list

Improved Removed errorRedirect from SocialController

Improved Removed onBeforeLogin and onLogin events

Improved Social_CompleteRegistrationModel password attribute is not required anymore

Fixed Fixed a bug where Dukt\Social\Provider\AbstractProvider::isConfigured() could bug if OAuth provider not properly set up

Fixed Fixed bug with errorMessage in completeRegistration template

Fixed Fixed custom redirect url after connect or complete registration

Fixed Fixed user profile

Added Added require email setting

Added Added complete registration template setting

Added Added google/apiclient library

Added Added Facebook, Github, Google, Twitter icons

Added Added Auto Fill Profile setting

Added Added Social_UserModel::photo attribute

Added Added Social_UserModel::getToken() method

Added Added Social_CompleteRegistrationModel

Added Added Social_AccountModel

Added Added Social_AccountRecord

Added Added SocialVariable::getNotice()

Added Added SocialVariable::getAccountByUserId()

Improved Examples: Updated Twitter Bootsrap to 3.2.0

Improved Examples: Improved login, profile, apps

Improved Improved authentication re-prompt when token can't be refreshed

Fixed Fixed bug with onBeforeUninstall

Added Added support for new OAuth authentication logic

Added Added errorRedirect parameter to craft.socialize.login()

Added Combining Social Login, Like and Follow plugins into Socialize

Improved Removed dependencies with symfony/finder, symfony/filesystem and vipsoft/unzip

Improved Changed hookRegisterCpRoutes() deprecated method to registerCpRoutes()

Improved Improved example templates

Added Added

Added Added

Added Added craft()->social->getProviders()

Added Added craft()->social->getProvider()

Added Now only supporting OAuth providers which provide the email address

Added Added « Allow Social Registration » setting

Added Added « Default Group » setting

Improved Preventing getSettingsHtml() from being called if on settings/plugins listing page

Improved Using httpSession instead of userSession for handling errors so they can be displayed to unlogged users

Fixed Fixed a bug where craft()->social->isTemporaryEmail() was crashing when user email could not be found

Fixed Fixed a bug with scope support in Social_PublicController::actionLogin()

Added Added example templates for register/login, logout, and manage connected apps

Added Added craft.oauth.isTemporaryEmail(email)

Added Added craft.oauth.getTemporaryPassword(userId)

Added Added {{}} getting error from userSession flash var

Added Added allowFakeEmail plugin setting

Added Added socialRedirect and socialReferer session variables to Social_PublicController

Improved TokenIdentity::authenticate() now requires token.userId to be defined

Improved Improved SocialService::userHasTemporaryEmail()

Improved Improved settings template

Improved Removed composer oauth, guzzle, and facebook dependencies

Improved Moved Social_PublicController::actionLoginCallback to SocialService::loginCallback(opts)

Fixed Fixed a bug where fake email was not valid when account.uid was containing special characters like @

Fixed Replaced craft()->security->hashString() by craft()->security->hashData()

Added Public beta release