Twitter 1.1.3 #

  • Mar 10, 2017

Improved The $cacheExpire parameter is now null instead of being set to 0 for the \Craft\Twitter_ApiService::get() method.

Improved The $cacheExpire parameter is now null instead of being set to 0 for the \Craft\TwitterVariable::get() method.

Fixed Fixed an issue where \Craft\Twitter_ApiService was relying on \Craft\FileCache instead of \Craft\Twitter_CacheService for caching.

Fixed Fixed an issue where the cache duration was not properly calculated into seconds.

Twitter 1.1.2 #

  • Jan 23, 2017

Added Schema Version 1.0.0

Added The plugin can now be installed with composer via composer require dukt/craft-twitter

Improved Updated nojimage/twitter-text-php dependency

Twitter 1.1.1 #

  • Jan 10, 2017

Improved Improved search keywords for the Tweet field type

Fixed Fixed API caching and removed deprecated disableCache config

Twitter 1.1.0 #

  • Dec 14, 2016

Added Added cacheDuration config

Added Added twitterFollowButton() Twig function

Added Added twitterGrid() Twig function

Added Added twitterMessageButton() Twig function

Added Added twitterMoment() Twig function

Added Added twitterTimeline() Twig function

Added Added twitterTweet() Twig function

Added Added twitterTweetButton() Twig function

Added Added twitterVideo() Twig function

Added Added docs URL to the Settings page

Fixed Fixed tweet’s permalink

Improved Improved plugin description

Improved Removed Twitter_TweetFieldType::prepValueFromPost()

Improved Replaced disableCache config by enableCache

Improved Tweet field now accepts a tweet URL or a tweet ID

Twitter 1.0.32 #

  • Jun 20, 2016

Added Added a permanent link to tweets

Improved Now using the bigger Twitter profile image instead of the normal one

Improved Removed unused disableSave.css

Improved Renamed tweet.css to twitter.css

Improved The user's name and the profile image are now clickable in the Search widget

Improved Tweets are now clickable in the Search widget

Twitter 1.0.31 #

  • Jun 06, 2016


Added Added time ago to tweet preview in Tweet field


Improved Formatting tweet dates as time ago in Search widget

Improved Removed colspan from Search widget settings

Improved Removed Twitter_SearchWidget::getColspan()

Back-End Dev

Added Added TwitterHelper::timeAgo()

Added Added TwitterPlugin::getDescription()

Added Added TwitterPlugin::getReleaseFeedUrl()

Added Added twitterTimeAgo twig filter

Fixed Fixed the link to Twitter's OAuth provider configuration

Improved Improved time ago calculation

Improved Moved TwitterController::actionSettings() to Twitter_SettingsController::actionIndex()

Improved Now using PHP Traits for checking plugin dependencies

Improved Now using secure profile image urls by default

Twitter 1.0.30 #

  • Jan 13, 2016

Added Added TwitterPlugin::getDocumentationUrl()

Fixed Fixed link to Twitter OAuth settings

Improved Moved Twitter_PluginController::actionInstall() to Twitter_InstallController:: actionIndex()

Improved Removed TwitterHelper::log()

Improved Twitter now has its own log files

Twitter 1.0.29 #

  • Dec 02, 2015

Fixed Fixed an issue with dependency checker

Improved Removed dependency auto download and install

Improved Removed deprecated CSS resources

Twitter 1.0.28 #

  • Nov 23, 2015


Added Added support for OAuth 1.0+

Added Added support for Craft CMS 2.5

Added Added plugin icons

Fixed Fixed Settings URL in templates

Improved Now using TwitterPlugin::getSettingsUrl() instead of TwitterPlugin::getSettingsHtml()'s redirect method for specifying plugin's settings URL

Added Added TwitterHelper


Added Added icon for Search widget

Improved Improved Twitter Search widget error handling

Field Types

Improved Improved Twitter_TweetFieldType to display light errors


Improved Removed TwitterVariable::setToken()

Improved Removed TwitterVariable::getToken()


Added Added Twitter_ApiService

Added Added Twitter_CacheService

Added Added Twitter_OauthService

Improved Moved TwitterService::api() to Twitter_ApiService::api()

Improved Moved TwitterService::checkDependencies() to Twitter_PluginService::checkDependencies()

Improved Moved TwitterService::deleteToken() to Twitter_OauthService::deleteToken()

Improved Moved TwitterService::get() to Twitter_ApiService::get()

Improved Moved TwitterService::getToken() to Twitter_OauthService::getToken()

Improved Moved TwitterService::saveToken() to Twitter_OauthService::saveToken()

Improved Removed TwitterService::setToken()

Fixed Fixed a bug with token in Twitter_ApiService::request()


Improved Removed Twitter_OauthController::scope

Improved Removed Twitter_OauthController::params

Improved Moved TwitterController::actionConnect() to Twitter_OauthController::actionConnect()

Improved Moved TwitterController::actionDisconnect() to Twitter_OauthController::actionDisconnect()

Twitter 0.9.25 #

  • May 10, 2015

Added Added TwitterPluginController

Added Added Twitter_PluginService

Improved Plugin now requires OAuth 0.9.70+

Improved Logging error when unable to get an account

Improved Renamed Twitter Tweets widget to Twitter Search

Improved Improved Tweets widget to display a message when no tweets are found

Improved Improved example templates

Improved Improved plugin settings

Fixed Twitter Search widget is now showing a notice when search query is missing

Fixed Fixed a bug where tweet id was sometimes turned into a float

Twitter 0.9.13 #

  • Mar 18, 2015

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getRequiredPlugins()

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getPluginDependencies()

Added Added AnalyticsPlugin::getPluginDependency()

Added Added dependency checker to check dependencies with other plugins

Added Added Tweets widgets to display recent tweets from a Twitter search

Improved The plugin now requires OAuth 0.9.63 or above

Improved Updated Recent Tweets example

Improved Improved settings templates

Improved Improved the way a token is deleted: deleting the token instead of setting it to null

Improved Improved the way Twitter plugin is getting back to the page which initiated the connect action

Improved Token providerHandle and pluginHandle are now automatically populated in token response

Twitter 0.9.10 #

  • Sep 18, 2014

Added Added autoLinkTweet twig filter

Added Added embedTweet twig function

Added Added Auto-Linking Tweets templating example

Added Added Embedded Tweets templating example

Added Added twitter-text-php library

Improved Disabled cache by default

Fixed Fixed bug with cache keys

Twitter 0.9.9 #

  • Jun 26, 2014

Added Added support for new OAuth authentication logic

Twitter 0.9.5 #

  • Mar 02, 2014

Added Added support for Twitter URL containing "statuses"

Fixed Fixed a bug where tweet user link was displaying blue instead of grey

Twitter 0.9.4 #

  • Jan 13, 2014

Added Added example templates

Added Added craft.twitter.getUserById(userId, params)

Added Added craft()->twitter->api($method, $uri, $params, $headers, $postFields)

Added Added cache handling to craft.twitter.get()

Added Added cache handling to craft()->twitter->get()

Improved Improved craft.twitter.get() arguments : craft.twitter.get(uri, params, headers, enableCache, cacheExpire)

Improved Improved craft()->twitter->get() arguments : craft()->twitter->get($uri, $params, $headers, $enableCache, $cacheExpire)

Improved Prevent getSettingsHtml from being called if on settings/plugins listing page

Twitter 0.9.3 #

  • Dec 05, 2013

Added Public Beta