# Configuration

Analytics supports several configuration settings. You can override their values in your config/analytics.php file.

return [
    'cacheDuration' => 'PT30M', 

# cacheDuration

The amount of time cache should last. The value should be set as a PHP date interval (opens new window).

'cacheDuration' => 'PT10M',

# enableCache

Whether requests to APIs should be cached or not.

'enableCache' => true,

# enableFieldtype

Whether the Report field type is enabled or not.

'enableFieldtype' => true,

# enableRealtime

Whether the Realtime widget is enabled or not.

'enableRealtime' => false,

# enableWidgets

Whether Analytics widgets are enabled or disabled.

'enableWidgets' => true,

# mapsApiKey

Google Maps API key. Used by the Geo chart.

'mapsApiKey' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

# oauthClientId

The Google API application’s OAuth client ID.

'oauthClientId' => '000000000000-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.apps.googleusercontent.com',

# oauthClientSecret

The Google API application’s OAuth client Secret.

'oauthClientSecret' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',

# oauthProviderOptions

OAuth provider options.

'oauthProviderOptions' => [],

# realtimeRefreshInterval

Interval at which the realtime widget should refresh its data (in seconds).

'realtimeRefreshInterval' => 60,